ILLN launch celebration


, (ILLN) ended Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) con broche de oro!

Leaders of Chicago’s Hispanic-Latino community were among the special guests who joined ILLN Owner and Publisher, Hugo Balta on October 15 to celebrate the launch of the local news and information digital outlet.

“I really want to commend and applaud Hugo Balta for his vision of creating a news network that will be able to tell the positive stories of impact, entrepreneurship, fortitude and gratitude that impact the Latino community”, said Sylvia Puente, President and CEO, Latino Policy Forum.

ILLN launch celebration hosted by Wyn-Win Communications

The event was hosted at Dr. Murphy’s Food Hall on Chicago’s Near West Side by WYN-Win Communications.

“I can’t think of a better place to close out the month (HHM) where you have cuisine from all over the country, all over the world”, said Balta. “And that’s really what Hispanic Heritage Month is; it’s not only a celebration of the diversity of the Hispanic-Latino community, but the diversity of Chicago.”

National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Chicago Chapter celebrate launch of ILLN.
(Pictured left to right): Carly Luque, Chapter President, Hugo Balta, ILLN, Blanca Rios, NAHJ National Board

Also in attendance were Carly Luque, president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), Chicago Chapter and Blanca Rios, NAHJ National Board member.

“We need organizations like this (ILLN) to represent the community equally”, said Rios. NAHJ advocates for the fair treatment of Hispanics-Latinos in newsrooms and news coverage. Balta served as the organization’s national president for two terms.

ILLN launched on October 1, the first time the Latino News Network (LNN) expanded its local statewide coverage, Hispanic-Latino editorial focus outside of New England. The announcement was made at the Latina Expo, Chicago.

LNN oversees five independent news and information websites.

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