IL Latino News: Recipient of Google News Equity Fund


Illinois Latino News (ILLN) has been selected as Google’s News Equity Fund recipient. ILLN is one of450 news organizations across 52 countries to receive the financial support.

The Fund aims to strengthen inclusion, further empower a diverse news ecosystem, and specifically support small and medium-sized publishers creating original journalism for underrepresented audiences worldwide.

ILLN is one of six local newsrooms in the Midwest and Northeast that the Latino News Network (LNN) oversees. LNN’s mission is to provide greater visibility and voice to Hispanics-Latinos, amplify the work of others in doing the same, give young journalists mentoring and real work experience, and apply the principles of solutions journalism in its investigative reporting.

Recently, LNN partnered with Be The Ones to help constituents be well-informed and prepared to participate in down-ballot races (local & state races) this November. The multi-layered communication and education campaign equipped voters with accessible, clear, factual information to better understand which positions were on the ballot and how those officials impact issues like reproductive justice and voting access.

Collaboration and inclusion are best practices our newsroom adopted from the Democracy SOS fellowship. ILLN is one of 20 U.S.-based newsrooms elected to participate in the Hearken and the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) fellowship, committed to building understanding, trust, and engagement.

ILLN is also publishing a series of stories on period poverty in Illinois supported by the USC-Annenberg Center for Health Journalism. ILLN Editor and Reporter Annabel Rocha was selected as a 2022 National Fellow to explore challenges impacting child, youth, and family health and well-being in the U.S.

Healthcare and quality, one of the five determinants of health and democracy are the focus of LNN’s in-depth coverage investigating the responses to social problems, providing insights by evaluating the evidence of what is working and not working, including what can be learned from the limitations (of a response).

“We are grateful to the Google News Initiative for strengthening the work of the Latino News Network (ILLN, WILN, CTLN, RILN, NHLN, MALN) in informing and empowering the Hispanic-Latino community with transparency, integrity, and heart,” said Hugo Balta, Owner, and Publisher of LNN.

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